Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Do kindly not say I foresee;
My eyes merely see.
My eyes indeed unsee the world you see
But see its forces you unsee.
You see material in the immaterial;
My eyes see only what matters.

Do kindly not curse me
Because, as you say, I predict death
When you see growth
Or you see a deluge when I predict drought.

I am not a foreseer but a mere seer;
When you see spring
My eyes also see winter at its back.
When you see the sunlit sky
My eyes see the starless night as its shadow.

You see the world as linear,
My eyes see it as curvilinear.
You see the river, my eyes its flow.
You wish to see no change in a world of flux.

Shake off the mist of lust in your eyes;
Then you will see this flux as I see.

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