Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Because You Are a Celebrity.

Because you are a celebrity
You cannot celebrate all by yourself
Your birth day or any such day of joy.
Your admirers admit you no such liberty
Because you are a celebrity.

The house you live in houses their dreams.
The car you drive drives their passion.
The watch around your wrist or the brooch on your dress
Marks not your pride, but their triumph.

Your nail-paint and face-cream light up their gloom.
Your earrings and toe-rings
Your anklets and bracelets
Your wrist-band and waist- band
Acts like charms that leave them all spell-bound.

Your bras are not meant to shield your breasts.
They are there for them to rise in mad rapture.
Your panties are there not to cover your thighs
But to leave them all gasping in delirious lust.

In your place and for your sake
They celebrate your events of joy.

Because you happen to be a star of their heaven
You too find yourself worshiping you.


Angie said...

Did you know that today is "poem in your pocket day?" I found that while looking around on the net today.


Hi, Angie,
Thanks for reminding.