Thursday, October 23, 2008


among the dry leaves
a dragonfly

its wings in prayer joined
its head in surrender bent
its tail stiff and feelers numb.

Around it
nothing is a bit changed.
The sun is as bright as ever.
The sky cloudless looks very high and
The wind is sprinting from tree to tree
leaving them astir in its wake.

One,two,three..the time passes.
The dragonfly still lies there.

Maybe later the ants will come
to carry it off to the world of the dead

കരിയിലകൾക്കിടയിലൊരു കരിങ്കാക്ക 
ഒരു മരിച്ച കരിങ്കാക്ക.
പ്രാർത്ഥനയിലെന്നപോലെ ചിറകുകൾ കൂമ്പി 
പ്രണാമത്തിലെന്നപോലെ തല താഴ്ന്ന് 
വാലു വിറങ്ങലിച്ചും 
കൊക്കു കോടിയും.

ഒന്നുമൊന്നിനും ഒരു മാറ്റവുമില്ല.
വെയിലു പതിവു പോലെ 
മേലെ നീലാംബരം മേഘശൂന്യം.
മരങ്ങളിൽനിന്നു മരങ്ങളിലേക്ക് 
ഇക്കിളിയിട്ടു പോകുന്ന കാറ്റും. 
ഒന്നേ, രണ്ടേ, മൂന്നേ...
ഇറ്റിറ്റുപോകുന്നു സമയധാര.
ഉറുമ്പുകൾ വരുമായിരിക്കും 

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Your Teacher Marion said...

I love this too. I love the silence of the landscape. It reminds me of the silent blowing landscapes surrounding celtic monoliths and graves where the air feels pregnant with spirit in stillness.

Is the sky haughty? Does it really disdain this passing? Has it even noticed? Can it care? Again, like the pool and I, life cycles and eternity. We step in. We step out. Beauty is what we stepped into and both part and independent of us.

Here is an insect for you from me.

Icarus Moth 26/05/04 07.30

Yellow flower of delight
Your flicker moves my upward flight
Your orange glow transforms my wings
And I believe
I am the lightest golden filigree.

You are that for which I burn
And I feel how you will make me yearn
And disappear
"don't go near ! " they shout.

The whiteness of your inner eye
Calls me to my dance
And it is now that I die.
Languid closing of my mind
and go.
"No ! " they shout.

And all is done
And what is left is none
of me
And all of he,
My sun
Devouring lion
With my melted filigree
On his exultant lips.