Friday, February 3, 2012


(Taslima Nasreen's book was banned from releasing at
the Kolkkotta International Book Fair, India. Feb2,2012)

Beware when you write!
Ants may be there
on your writing table.
The crawling ants won't like
your writing of flying birds.
They'll bite your fingers to death.

There will be bugs big
in your writing seat.
They won't let you be at ease
if you write
of oppression or suppression.

Watch also your ink!
If it reveals like magic
What's hidden and gone
the ghosts of the pasts won't let you be.

Beware of your pen!
If it is sharper than the sword
you'll be called a reactionary.

If it is in your hands
please don't write.
If you want to write
write only what's "nice".

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