Thursday, December 5, 2013

To Recline on the Sand Murmuring and Laze...

to recline on the Sand murmuring and Laze...

while Ghosts Shakespearean
Nighingales Keatsian
and Goblins Kafkesque are abroad

under the light of the Moon full
by a River asleep
with a Palm toddy-beaker at the mouth brimming
in Hands

as a Folk Song distant humming itself
to the beat echoing of Folk Drums

as the Feudal Smell of a movie song Vayalaarian
wafts in the Air humid
resurrecting a gentle Image Premnazeerian
lip-syncing a Jesudas young

to recline in the Sand murmuring and laze
AH! that is some capital NIRVANA.

(is the Buddha smiling?
has the bomb atomic burst?
Now, that's a shrapnel of political history
shattering my sweet melancholy nostalgic.)

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