Saturday, January 18, 2014

Waiting for the Call

I am waiting for the Call.
It will come, I know, the Call.
It is the only Call that WILL come
For, none else has the NUMBER.

It's on Mute, the fone, I mean.
I want it, the CALL, to come muffled,
Like a Cheshire Cat with that evil GRIN
Or, shall I say, with schadenfreude,
Like Death making away with a child ere it could even cry.

Sure, it will come, I know, 
The CALL I mean, as surely as Death.
I keep it, the fone, before me
To see its screen light up with an evil gleam 
Announcing that IT has come.

Watch I 
In trepidation,
And in anticipation
For the light to darken my rambling thoughts.

"Cravens die many a time;
Heroes only once."
Said so the Bard.
Dying many a death
I brave it out for this one CALL;
My curtain CALL .

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