Saturday, April 7, 2018

A translation of a Translation

A translation of a Translation
The Lynx
Pablo Neruda

Thirsts and hungers my soul
For you.
For those labial petals
And the peals from them;
For the dizzying fragrance of your hair.

In hunger and hush
I like Romeo roam street after street.

Bread sates me not
And the dawn cows me.

I cock my ears for those footfalls.

Hunger I for your simple smile
For your glen- like beauteous hands
For your nails with gem-like lux.

That slice of sunny charm - your body,
That august olfactory tip,
That olfactory tip,
Those tremulous eye lashes,
 And the dusky shadow. . .
I want to suckle all of those.

So hungry am I
That I want to crunch you
Like almonds.

As the dusk dawns,
Hungering and freezing
I like a nomad walk
Yearning for your bosom febrile
Like a lynx in the wild. 

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